AGC Automotive

The AGC Group Automotive division offers people a sophisticated, safe and exciting lifestyle through glass solutions for the most diverse vehicles.

Global leader

AGC seeks safety, design, comfort and environmental performance in its products, anticipating the biggest trends in the segment. All the commitment and dedication to its products has made AGC Automotive the most recognized company for innovation and the global leader in the production of automotive glass, with the largest market share.

1 in 4 cars in the world are with AGC glass.

AGC Automotive Brazil

Since 2013, AGC’s automotive division has been in Brazil with its two business segments (OEM and ARG), serving the main automakers installed in the country and also operating in the automotive glass replacement market.

There are three units established on Brazilian soil, with a production plant in the industrial complex in Guaratinguetá SP and two value addition units in Betim MG and Piracicaba SP.

Here, technology, innovation, quality and operational excellence are applied that have made AGC Automotive the largest manufacturer of automotive glass in the world.


Auto glass for new vehicles

It is the automotive segment for the production of windshields, sunroofs, side and rear windows for new vehicles manufactured by the main automakers in the world. The acronym OEM is an abbreviation of the term in English Original Equipment Manufacturer.


Automotive Glasses for Replacement

It covers the automotive glass replacement market, reaching after-sales customers who serve the entire supply chain: from production to distribution and replacement of broken glass. ARG stands for the words Automotive Replacement Glass, which stands for Automotive Replacement Glass.


Excellence in Competitiveness
Client: Hyundai do Brazil
Year: 2020

Best Fiat Supplier – Body Category
FCA – Fiat of Chrysler Automobiles
Year: 2017

AGC Automotive Glass Solutions, Driving Clearly Ahead

As vehicle design evolved, so did the glass, allowing
better vision, clearer communications, and greater safety and comfort.


  • Stay focused on the road with AGC windshields
  • Comfort and safety thanks to side and rear AGC glass
  • Brilliant light control with AGC's sunroofs
  • AGC glass to stay connected in style
  • Stay focused on the road with AGC windshields

    AGC produces high quality glass to ensure the driver has the perfect view of the road. Solutions are available to improve visibility in all weather conditions, technologies to remove frost from windows or to repel water. Alert monitors help the driver stay focused on the road.

    The darker glass option not only provides a sleek, modern look, it also ensures privacy and helps maintain comfortable summer temperatures by preventing heat from entering the vehicle.

  • Comfort and safety thanks to side and rear AGC glass

    Drivers and passengers spend a lot of time in vehicles or on public transport, making occupant well-being very important.

    AGC Automotivo develops glass technologies that greatly reduce noise and increase thermal comfort in the summer for a more pleasant journey. AGC automotive glass also protects vehicle occupants through tempered glass, and filters integrated into the glass to block skin-damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • Brilliant light control with AGC’s sunroofs

    Small or panoramic, with AGC Automotive sunroof, the sky is the limit! With Wonderlite Light Control Glass, mastery over the amount of light and heat entering the vehicle is at the touch of a button.

    In a few moments, the glass changes from dark to light. And it protects your skin, thanks to blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays.

  • AGC glass to stay connected in style

    People want to be seamlessly connected, from home to the office. Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected.

    Connectivity requires increasingly powerful antennas. By designing and incorporating high-performance antennas into vehicle windows, AGC Automotivo ensures that advanced technology enhances vehicle performance.


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