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AGC’s Chemistry division offers the widest range of high-performance fluoropolymers in the world, including fluoroelastomers, PTFE, PFA and ETFE resins, and fluoropolymer compounds. It also produces materials that meet the unique requirements of specific applications such as paints, fabrics, facades and cosmetics.

AGC Chemistry Brazil

Since 2015, the Chemicals division has commercial operations in Brazil, providing the South American market with chemical components that are imported from AGC Chemicals from other countries, mainly from the United States and Japan.

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AGC Chemistry counts on high-performance and ecologically correct fluoroproducts that provide cutting-edge solutions for a world in constant change.

Fluoropolymer Resins

Fluon – Advanced Compounds

Special Chemicals

Chemistry for a Blue Planet

The signature “Chemistry for a Blue Planet” represents how chemistry can contribute to solutions
environmental, supported by three pillars


“Safety first” is the watchword in every workplace of AGC Chemistry. The safety of end users of our products and those who work in our facilities around the world is the company’s priority.


We believe that people’s comfort and well-being are absolutely compatible with environmental management. Chemistry has the potential to offer solutions that bring comfort, protection and that satisfy consumer demands and environmental imperatives.


We supply chemical components needed to manufacture products that contribute to sustainability, such as coatings for solar panels and polyurethane foam for thermal insulation. At the same time, we are constantly developing and improving processes that save energy and avoid environmental pollution.

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