Tempered Painted Glass

LACOBEL T is the only painted glass in the world that can undergo the tempering process. It is available in 5 versions: Black, Extra-White, Grey, Petroleum Green and Moka.

It can be applied both indoors and outdoors, in damp areas, furniture, wall cladding and facades, among others.

The only temperable painted glass in the world

Main benefits

  • Greater agility and economy: just process the already painted glass

  • New businesses: box, interior, engineering, furniture and facade

  • Perfect color uniformity

  • Can be applied indoors or outdoors

Processing possibilities


    Lacobel T can be applied on building facades, replacing ACM, and can be used to cover walls and countertops, even in areas that have contact with heat and humidity.


    Produto Cores Espessuras
    Lacobem T Extrabranco 6mm, 8mm e 10mm 
    Preto  6mm, 8mm e 10mm 
    Cinza 8mm
    Verde Petróleo 8mm
    Moka 8mm

    Guides and Manuals

    Decorative Glass Cleaning Guide

    Cradle to Cradle


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