LACOBEL, AGC’s traditional painted glass, features an attractive contemporary color palette to add sophistication and incredible perspective to environments.

The three LACOBEL collections offer designers, architects and glaziers options between The Classics (timeless colors), The Trendies (current trends), and The Exclusives (special and exclusive colors), allowing them to choose a specific style, or mix of all styles for a unique and innovative project.



Lacobel Collections

The Classics

Timeless colors that are considered unanimous when it comes to elegance and sobriety. Time passes, new trends emerge, but these 3 colors remain indisputably classic.

The Trendies

Contemporary and with a sophisticated aesthetic, the Trendies line follows current trends in
architecture and interior design.

The selection of 4 colors, made up of neutral but striking tones, is ideal for modern projects or to provide a cozy atmosphere.

The Exclusives

Neutral colors are given a touch of luxury, with bright spots applied across the entire surface layer of the glass. The perfect balance between light and discretion, available in two amazing colors.

Main benefits

  • Reflective and shiny appearance

  • Durable solution, since the painted face is protected in the application

  • Easy maintenance

  • Eco-friendly ink

Processing possibilities


    Product collections Colors thicknesses
    Lacobel The Classics Branco 4mm e 6mm
    Extra Banco 4mm e 6mm
    Preto 4mm e 6mm
    The Trendies Off-White  4mm
    Moka 4mm
    Chocolate  4mm
    Cinza 4mm
    The Exclusives Chocolate Starlight 4mm
    Preto Starlight 4mm

    Guides and Manuals

    Processing | LACOBEL
    Cleaning Guide | Vidros Decorativos

    Selo Cradle to Cradle


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