Planibel Easy Covid

Planibel Easy Covid is a glass with a coating (metallic coating on the surface), with light curing technology that can help reduce Covid-19 contamination.

That’s because the time required to inactivate 90% of SARS-CoV-2 viral particles is 37.5% shorter for Planibel Easy when exposed to daylight than for Float (common glass) or acrylic.

The product is suitable for outdoor environments and shared surfaces that are frequently touched.

The glass that can help inactivate the Covid-19 virus

Main benefits

  • Helps reduce the risk of viral transmission of SARS-Cov 2 in humans

  • Neutral appearance and high light transmission

  • Product that is easy to clean and maintain, providing the appearance of a surface that is always sanitized

  • Self-cleaning properties activated by daylight and with the need for rain



Planibel Easy Covid is the best alternative for eliminating the virus when it comes to transparent and translucent products for outdoor spaces. The suitable choice for windows, partitions, doors and a wide variety of shared or frequently touched surfaces, for example in commercial and public buildings, public transport, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, leisure facilities and the hospitality industry, among others.


The product is available on request.

Product Appearance thicknesses Brightness Properties Energy Properties
TL (%) RL Ext. (%) FS(%) AE(%)
Planibel Easy Covid Neutral 4mm 84 14 24 82
6mm 83 14 28 81


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