Safety Glass


Developed with the sole aim of keeping people safe, STRATOBEL is AGC’s range of laminated safety glass.
Similar in appearance to regular glass, yet strong enough to protect people from injury and falls, and homes and buildings from break-ins and vandalism. Transparent protection is provided by a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic material placed between the glass sheets that holds the fragments in case they break.

Stratobel is available at AGC Brazil in compositions with Float and Solar Control Glass.

Main benefits

  • Laminated glass for injury protection

  • Prevents breakages and sharp pieces

  • Barrier against falls

  • Float AGC quality laminated glass

  • Laminated options with AGC Solar Control Glass

Processing possibilities


As a safety glass, Stratobel is indicated for applications in roofs, facades, guardrails, floors, partitions and doors.


Product Colors thicknesses
Stratobel Incolor + Incolor 33.1mm, 44.1mm e 55.1mm
Verde + Incolor 33.1mm, 44.1mm e 55.1mm
Fumê + Incolor 44.1 mm
Bronze + Incolor  44.1mm

The Solar Control Glasses also have their laminated versions, see the pages of each product and check availability!
For other compositions and thicknesses, contact AGC.

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