Sunlux Shadow 60

Sunlux Shadow, AGC’s line of solar control glasses, produced in Brazil, has just become even more complete.

Sunlux Shadow 60 hits the market, a high-tech glass that blocks 40% of heat and allows 60% of natural light to enter, providing less heat with greater transparency to environments.

Another AGC innovation, another option for your project!

Sunlux Shadow 60 Applications

Commercial and Corporate

Greater light input with less heat for glass skins and glazing of facades of small and medium-sized commercial and corporate buildings.

Sunlux Shadow 60 combines thermal comfort with light, allowing visual contact with the outside world.


The neutral appearance, very similar to ordinary glass, makes Sunlux Shadow 60 the ideal solution for residential projects. Allows you to maintain transparency and gain thermal comfort in windows, closing balconies, doors and window frames in general. It can also be used in internal areas, such as box and partitions, providing elegance and originality to interior designs.

Security and Protection

In laminated versions, Sunlux Shadow 60 guarantees safety for people, protection from heat and allows the entry of light.

Ideal for coverings, pergolas and railings in living, social and leisure areas.

Main benefits

  • Thermal comfort

  • 40% heat protection, no loss of transparency

  • Environments full of natural light

  • Easy Installation

  • More flexible commercial conditions: fractional volumes, no homogeneous load requirement



Product Versions Appearance Thickness Light Properties Energy Properties Value Ug W/(m².K) 
TL (%) RL (%) AE(%) FS(%) CS(%)
Sunlux Shadow 60 Monolítica Neutra 4 mm 57 14 33 63 0.72 5.6
6 mm 57 14 35 62 0.71 5.5
8 mm 56 14 37 61 0.70 5.5
10 mm 56 14 39 59 0.68 5.4
Stratobel Sunlux Shadow 60 Laminada Neutro 44.1mm 60 13 39 59 0.68 5.6
46.1mm 59 13 41 58 0.67 5.5

The product is also available in other thicknesses and can be laminated with float of all colors, consult AGC for more information.

* Data of laminates in composition with PVB In color for coating in position 2; EN410 reference
** Values ​​calculated based on EN410 and EN673
*** Sunlux Shadow does not need edge thinning
**** AGC reserves the right to change available items and data without prior notice to the market


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