AGC Group

A company optimistic about the future

Created in Japan in 1907, Asahi Glass was created to meet the domestic demand for flat glass.
The Japanese word Asahi means the moment when the sun rises. Accompanied by an entire symbolism, it represents the opportunity to start over, to do things differently and innovate every day.

AGC Inc.

After more than 110 years of history, Asahi Glass has expanded around the world and conquered new business areas, becoming AGC Inc. Japanese multinational, headquartered in Tokyo, global leader in the segments in which it operates and a reference in innovation.
The AGC Group solves everyday challenges with its unique solutions, exploiting resources and expertise cultivated over a century-old history of technological innovation, and creating new value in its businesses.

Glass for Civil Construction

All types of glass used in residential, commercial, corporate and industrial applications.

AGC is the world leader in the manufacture of flat glass for civil construction

Automotive Glass

Glass for means of transport, such as cars, trucks, trains, subways, etc.

Global Leader: 1 in 4 cars in the world are with AGC glass


Chemical components used by the Chemical Industry in the composition of various products, such as chlorine, fabrics, cosmetics, coatings, among others.

AGC Química is the largest manufacturer of fluoropolymers in the world


Serves leading technology companies

Produces LCD and screens for cell phones and tablets


AGC itself produces the refractories of its furnaces around the world

Refractories and ceramic materials for glass, aluminum, cement ovens, among others.

Global presence

More than 200 units distributed in 30 countries, with more than 55,000 employees and a global commercial network.

Shaping the future with innovation

The world is changing fast: greener and smarter cities, advanced connectivity and new mobility models. By reinventing its products and continually improving what they can do, AGC ensures that its solutions are a central part of triggering technological revolutions.

The AGC Group has three Research and Development Centers located in Japan, the United States and Belgium.

All this investment in innovation led AGC to become the company with the highest number of patents in the flat glass segment.