Social responsibility

Committed to achieving mutual prosperity with the country’s local communities, AGC Brazil invests in a series of initiatives that aim to contribute to the evolution of society, whether through social actions, employee support and development programs and through corporate practices in which ethics and integrity prevail.

Community Support

In recent years, AGC Brazil has expanded its corporate social responsibility through new ventures. In addition to sponsoring marathons and sporting events in local communities, it contributes to community-centered social initiatives with education, culture and prosperity at their core.

Click on the images below and learn about some of the actions of AGC Brazil to support the community:

  • Programa Nossa Gente – Qualifica Guará

    AGC Brazil, in partnership with the Municipality of Guaratinguetá, conducted a 240-hour staff training course in the glass production sector. 220 professionals from the city of Guaratinguetá were trained, of which 120 were previously selected by the AGC. The remaining 100 individuals were included as AGC collaborators. During the course, 12 AGC professionals acted as volunteer teachers and taught classes.

  • Helly School of Abreu

    The former Gente Inocente crèche, in Janaúba MG, the scene of a tragedy that shocked the entire country – a fire caused by a watchman that killed 14 people in October 2017 – was rebuilt with the help of the population and companies in the region. AGC Brazil was also part of the reconstruction, as all the glass used in the daycare center was donated by AGC. The school was renamed Helley de Abreu, in honor of the teacher who died in the fire after saving the lives of several children.

  • Japanese Immigration Museum

    AGC supplied the glass for the revitalization of the Japanese Immigration Museum, located in São Paulo SP, which aims to rescue Japanese history in Brazil. The institution has more than 100,000 objects, documents and photos spread over 1,350 square meters. Among the novelties of the Museum’s installations are the showcases made with AGC’s extra clear glass, Clearvision, chosen to bring more clarity and transparency to the exhibitions. The male and female bathrooms received the Mirox Premium Mirror and Matelux steel glass.

  • Lina Bo Bardi Institute

    Through tax incentives, AGC supports events, exhibitions and projects of the Lina Bo Bardi Institute, which owns the Glass House in São Paulo, and which encourages the development of architecture and the use of glass in the country.

  • MASP

    AGC supports several actions of the São Paulo Museum of Art Assis Chateaubriand (MASP). Initially, all the glass of the easels that receive the works of art available in the Exhibition Acervo em Transformação (Collection in Transformation) were donated. The crystal easels were created in the 60s by the architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992), but were restored and started to feature AGC glass in 2015. In consecutive years, the AGC participated in the revitalization of some spaces in the Museum, providing glass and mirrors for bathrooms and changing rooms.

  • Mario de Andrade Library

    In 2016, the Mário de Andrade Library, an important cultural center in the city of São Paulo, received the installation of glass panels with the printing of 16 photos of library visitors and employees, as well as a self-portrait by the Brazilian photographer and artist Alex Flemming, who signs the project. The type of glass used in stained glass is Clearvision, extra-clear by AGC, provided free of charge by the company.

Corporate Volunteering

Launched in 2018, the program encourages the practice of volunteering among the company’s employees. Every year, an institution in vulnerable conditions is chosen to receive the support and work of AGC volunteers. It is a way for AGC to engage employees in solidarity actions and generate a positive social impact in their surroundings.

Renovation of the João Mendes School

The João Mendes Municipal School welcomes more than 300 children daily and is located next to the AGC Brasil facilities. In a joint voluntary effort between AGC Brasil and its employees, the school was completely renovated and painted, and AGC products, including mirrors and Lacobel glass, were also installed. The activities took place in 48 hours over a weekend, transforming the school into a new educational space for future generations.

Revitalization of Home for the Elderly

In January 2020, the AGC team of volunteers carried out the Revitalization action of Lar dos Velhinhos (Elderly people’s home) in Guaratinguetá (SP). Supported by the principles and values of AGC, the 104 volunteers (including employees and their families) received from the company all the material needed to renovate the environments, bringing more color, beauty and, above all, quality of life to the elderly who live there.


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