Look Beyond, which loosely translates to “Look Beyond”, is the corporate philosophy of the AGC Group on which all of the Group’s activities are based.

  • Look Beyond

    Anticipate and visualize the future

  • Look Beyond

    Have perspectives beyond your fields of expertise

  • Look Beyond

    Seeking innovations, not being complacent with the status quo


AGC, in every essential part of everyday life in our world

AGC’s unique products and solutions make life better for people every day around the world.

This mission expresses the value that the AGC Group offers the world and represents its reason for being: to improve everyday life through exclusive solutions, with a broad and high-tech product portfolio; and build a long-term relationship of trust with its customers and partners, meeting and exceeding society’s expectations.


Shared Values

Four shared values guide all employees in achieving AGC’s vision and mission.

Innovation and Operational Excellence

We will seek innovations in technology, products and services beyond conventional concepts and structures.

We will create value directed to current and potential customers’ needs, representing changes in the business environment, social and market evolution.

We will continuously improve all aspects of our operations, becoming a benchmark reference.


We will respect individual diversity of skills and varied personalities.

We will respect the cultural diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, religion and nationality.

We will respect different perspectives and opinions at all times.


We will contribute to creating a sustainable society, in harmony with nature, as a successful and responsible global citizen.

We will strive to further ensure and improve occupational health and safety in our work environment.


We will build open and fair relationships with all our stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards.

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We will fulfill our contractual and legal responsibilities to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence.

Brand Signature


The brand signature represents AGC’s commitment to contribute to the development of society, fulfilling its mission to improve, enrich and bring more comfort to people’s lives.

AGC’s challenge is to create solutions that make dreams come true.

Founder’s Message

Never take the easy way out, but face the difficulties!

It was with this thought in mind that the founder of AGC created the company, and this is the spirit that continues to guide the company’s actions.


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