agc brasil patrocina a SIPAT da PKO

AGC Sponsors PKO Company’s SIPAT: Commitment to Safety and Well-being

AGC participated as a sponsor of PKO Company’s Internal Week for Accident Prevention at Work (SIPAT). This partnership reinforces our shared commitment to the safety and well-being of our clients’ employees.

At AGC, safety is a priority. That’s why participating in PKO’s SIPAT, a company that shares our values, is a great opportunity. Through this collaboration, we reinforce our commitment to promoting a safe and healthy work environment where employees can perform their duties with confidence and peace of mind.

What is SIPAT?

The Internal Week for Accident Prevention at Work (SIPAT) is an event on the calendar of companies committed to the safety of their employees. During this period, lectures, training sessions, and activities focused on awareness and accident prevention are conducted. It’s a way to reinforce the importance of workplace safety and provide vital information to prevent risks and injuries.

Commitment to Prevention

AGC is committed to accident prevention and the promotion of a healthy environment. We are proud to support PKO in this effort and to contribute to raising awareness about workplace safety. Acreditamos que quando as empresas se unem para promover práticas seguras, todos saem ganhando: colaboradores, empresas e a comunidade como um todo.

Together for Prevention

This partnership is a concrete demonstration of how companies can work together for the sake of safety and well-being. We believe that every effort matters, and every step towards accident prevention is an investment in everyone’s future.

We, at AGC, thank PKO for this opportunity to collaborate and look forward to future initiatives that can contribute to an even safer and healthier work environment.

Together for prevention and the care of all!