agc vidros no combate a covid

AGC in favor of the Community – Check out the Todos Contra o Covid-19 Challenge

Facing the scenario we are living in, any help is always welcome. With this in mind, we shared the demands of the community with our employees, thus creating an internal campaign called “All Against Covid-19″.
The purpose of this campaign was to support the Social Assistance Fund of the Municipalities of the cities of Guaratinguetá, Lorena and Roseira, which already carry out support work for needy families in the municipalities and who, at this moment, need even more attention and care.
Employees collected 112 food baskets and AGC doubled this collection, enabling us to help 224 families divided between the cities mentioned.
We are especially grateful to our collaborators, as the sum of these gestures enabled us to carry out major changes.
We are AGC Brasil! #Doing good is good